Thoughts on Turning 24

So many people have reached out to me today to wish me well as I turn 24, I feel very lucky. I have an amazing group of friends and family, and every year I get a quantifiable affirmation of those connections — not that it’s necessary.  23 was undoubtedly the year in which I felt the greatest highs and the toughest lows, both of which bring with them lessons that I’m getting better at using as tools to shape myself into a better person.  Thanks to everyone who reached out today, and continues to be apart of my life.  Here’s some photos and things I’ve done in the past year:


  • Moved to LA
  • Started 2 businesses that aren’t terrible
  • Quit smoking cigarettes 3 times, failed twice
  • Traveled to Detroit & Sedona for the first time
  • Went to too many shows & festivals, like my brain is still a little pissed from Des Hearts
  • Started working at a web dev/marketing agency
  • Started working for a start up company
  • Gained a ton of clients as a freelance web developer
  • Started going to the gym 4 days/week
  • Met some amazing friends
  • Lost some not-so-amazing friends
  • Started tweeting a lot
  • Bought the best weekender bag

It’s been a wild one.


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