How To Buy Nebulas (NAS) Step By Step for Beginners

Whenever I hear Blockchain and Search Engine in the same sentence, my palms get sweaty.  I’ve been reading up on this project and couldn’t wait to share how to buy Nebulas.  The Nebulas team comes directly from the top-tier NEO project, with a NEO cofounder running the ship.  I feel like this alone is reason enough to take a chance on this coin.  In any case, I’ll break down my favorite parts of Nebulas’ technical offering.

So, what’s Nebulas anyways?

Nebulas is a decentralized search framework.  In layman’s terms directly from the Nebulas website, Nebulas Decentralized Search Framework empowers you to:

  • Create your own Blockchain search engine
    • Break it down by languages
    • Enable an open sourced ranking algorithm (Eat our shorts, Google)
    • Search all types of Blockchain-related data

As someone who utilizes search engine optimization (SEO) for a living, I find the technical features of Nebulas to be extremely useful and ahead of their time.  Here’s an outline of the things that caught my eye:

  • Ranking System
    • The Nebulas ranking algorithms are based on the liquidity of users, activity and exchange of each decentralized application, coin, smart contract & more.  What does this mean?  Essentially, the algorithms are based on merit that cannot be defrauded easily, whereas typical web search engines can be groomed and tricked.
  • Nebulus Force
    • This is the fancy name for the “machine learning” (if you can call it that) feature of Nebulas.  Essentially, the system has been designed to improve itself over time.  To be frank, theres no way to test this as the Mainnet is not yet live, but it’s a cool proposition.
  • Incentives
    • This one is pretty insane.  Nebulas plans on actually paying high-ranking developers in their coin.  I can’t think of a better way to incentive users on this platform.
  • Supply
    • The way it stands now, there is a 100,000,000 limit on Nebulas supply.  This bodes well for high coin prices if the project is successful.

Now let’s buy Nebulas, eh?

I. Create A Coinbase Account

Go to the Coinbase Signup Page.   Here we’re going to buy some Bitcoin or Ethereum with which to trade.

Why can’t I buy Nebulas with USD?

You can actually use USD Tether, but thats a whole other rabbit hole.  Let’s stick to the basics.

coinbase sign up

II. Create A Account

This is a marketplace.  This is where BTC & ETH can be traded for Nebulas.  Make an account on the Gate signup page.  Make sure to write down your passwords and use the Authenticator app for 2-Factor authentication.

Gate has a really quick & easy registration process, so there shouldn’t be much trouble here.  If you don’t like Gate, there are other places where you can buy Nebulas.


III. Buy BTC or ETH on Coinbase

Use credit/debit or a bank transfer to purchase some of either of these coins.  Note, there are 5-7 day wait times for bank transfers.  Credit/Debit are instant.

IV. Transfer BTC/ETH to

This part is the first technically challenging thing you will do.  Click on the screenshots below for a visual aid.  Essentially, we’re going to send coins from Coinbase to  In order to do this, you need to generate a BTC or ETH wallet address on  This demo uses Ethereum, you can do this same process with Bitcoin.

V. Buy Nebulas (NAS) With BTC or ETH

Head to the NAS/BTC or NAS/ETH pages.

This is a pretty complicated page to look at if you’ve never used a marketplace.  Here are some general pointers/tips:

  • In the buy box, set the price at which you would like to buy NAS, as well as the quantity.  You can reference the current price of the asset.  The closer to the current price, the faster your trade will go through.   As long as the trade hasn’t gone through, it is pending.  If you want to cancel it, make sure you do.
  • You can set what we call a limit buy by selecting a price that you expect the asset to rise or fall to.  Doing this numerous times per day is what we call day trading.
  • You sell the exact same way, instantly or based on market speculation.

Happy trading!

VI. Evaluate

I’ve been Nebulized.  Now what?

What with you do with your coins is up to you & based on your own speculation.  Unfortunately there is no dedicated wallet available currently for this coin, so you will have to keep in in the marketplace or use myEtherWallet (which can be a little confusing).  I will update this page when it becomes available, so go ahead and bookmark this link.

Recommended NAS Wallet:

Download: MyEtherWallet

Good luck & BasedGodspeed.