October 21st, 2019

How to Proxy API Requests in Development Using Parcel Bundler

I'm a big fan of using Parcel to bundle my website/web app assets. It goes by the "it just works" mantra, far removed from it's alternative…

August 22nd, 2019

Using Plyr in Gatsby Projects for Youtube & Vimeo

Video is always pretty annoying to deal with. So are iframes. I really like using Plyr for skinning 3rd party videos because it's…

June 19th, 2019

My Gatsby DatoCMS Starter

I feel like I'm only allowed to write three Gatsby-related blog posts in a row, so I'll try to make this one short & sweet. After spinning…

June 5th, 2019

Using React Context in Gatsby Projects

I'll admit, it took me a while to finally adopt both React context & hooks in my day-to-day React vocabulary. Like most things though…